We Make A Difference

Why Enthuse Care?

As one of the leading providers of home care across the South Coast, we are passionate about providing the professional service you expect, with a personal touch.

We have an increasingly positive impact on both our clients and their families and recognise everyone’s needs are different. By choosing Enthuse Care, you are opting for a solution that satisfies the requirements of the whole family and delivers the highest quality of care at home.

Person Centred Care

Our values are centred around getting the little things right for you or your loved ones- sticking to routines and house rules, really allowing, and encouraging independence. We spend time getting to know our clients so that we can build strong relationships and understand what makes them happy.

A full initial assessment, working with our clients and their families, GP’s, the hospital, and local authorities, will guarantee the right level of care and support is provided.

Performance Reviews

We understand things change, and so after a full initial assessment, we conduct the following reviews;

  • Periodic at 4-week, 3-month, 6-month and then annually thereafter
  • Interim review every month where there is no other review being done
  • Service quality questionnaire, anonymous posted annually

This allows us to advise any necessary changes, such as the hours of care being provided, and ensure our clients are happy with the service being provided.

Fully Regulated Service

We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We have also created and modified our own policies and procedures over the years, to ensure that the service that we provide is both safe and effective but also delivers what is needed in a practical and compassionate manor. We do things because they need to be done, not because it needs to be seen to be done.

Our robust audit process enables us to learn and improve our services wherever possible.

So, with regulation, a dedicated management structure and regular independent checks, comes compliance, reassurance, and therefore peace of mind.

Continuity Of Care

As carers working a busy rota, they often encounter a number of service users whom they have never met before. Within the allocated time, they have to become rapidly acquainted with the service users previous history, develop a rapport and move on to address the service users present requirements. The service user also has to quickly come to trust an unfamiliar face on the basis of their professional standing.

We feel that when service users see the same carer at each visit, a better standard of care is achieved, along with a more satisfactory and effective visit for both the service user and their carer.

We aim for a 2:1 ratio for all clients so that Carers can build genuine relationships with their clients and closely monitor changes in behaviour, which may also prevent any foreseeable issues.

Directly Employed and Fully Trained Care Assistants

Our ‘Take on Process’ is widely recognised and is something that we are extremely proud of. It includes two interview stages, all relevant checks including an enhanced criminal record check (DBS) and a full induction course that involves practical exercises in understanding conditions such as dementia and how to safely use moving and handling equipment, plus MUCH more.

We are proud to have built our service on the strength of our local reputations, recognising that from your perspective it is the quality of carers that matters and so we ensure our staff feel supported and competent in their roles. When we support our staff, they can support our clients.

We believe that this is what truly makes us different.

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